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Five Star Pools and Spas generally categorise the construction of their pools into seven groups:

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools is the general term for most pools. They tend to be larger and deeper in dimension and fit comfortably in your suburban backyard. Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, including geometric and freeform shapes.


We all know that spas are the ultimate in luxury and comfort, right in your backyard. They usually feature a massaging jet system and are around one metre deep and one to 3 metres in diameter.

Landscaped outdoor pool

Pool and Spa Combinations

The benefit of having a custom designed pool is that you can have a spa built into your swimming pool. These spas are usually built with a dividing wall to separate it from the main pool, allowing for independent heating and jet systems. By adding a spa onto your pool, you can reduce heating and maintenance costs of a larger pool, yet still use your spa for leisure and entertaining all year round.

Lap Pools

Lap pools are built to be long, narrow and rectangular. Exactly as the name suggests, they are the right size for swimming laps and are a great addition to your home for your health and fitness. Lap pools can include water features or a spa to create a seamless entertainment and leisure area as well as being a place to work out.

Lap pool     Spa with water jets     Tiled pool

Courtyard Pools

Courtyard pools are smaller sized swimming pools designed to fit a smaller space. They offer the same advantages of a regular swimming pool while maximising use of area. Because they are smaller in size, courtyard pools can more easily incorporate jet systems and seating/ledging, making them a fantastic solution to a small backyard or entertainment area.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are described as a pool that is larger than a spa but smaller than a swimming pool. Plunge pools are found in nature, they are formed by the “plunging” weight of water from a waterfall carving out a pool in the rocky formations below a cliff face. In your backyard, these pools are also fantastic for areas with restricted space as they are usually four to seven metres wide, but only 1.2 metres at the deepest point.

Horse Pools

Pools are not just for humans! Hydrotherapy has proven benefits for equine cardiovascular systems, exercise and movement without joint and muscle stress and rehabilitation. Five Star Pools and Spas are able to design and build pools that can accommodate equine exercise and training regime. Contact us for more information about our horse pool options.

Equine pool