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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a fibreglass pool and a concrete pool?

Fibreglass swimming pools are mass produced in factory according to their mould. While they are available in many designs and styles, because they are pre-cast they are limited in size due to transportation requirements and the range individual pool supply companies have to offer. The surface on a fibreglass pool is a smooth finish, but it is very limited and colour options are usually the only customisable feature. The installation process of a fibreglass pool is usually about 3-5 weeks on average, as there is no design or construction phase.

Concrete pools are able to be built to any shape and size, as there is no pre-cast mould and no transport requirements. The construction process of a Five Star Pool is usually 3 months.

See The Process page for more information on the timeline behind a concrete pool.

What are the advantages of a concrete pool?

There are many advantages to choosing a concrete pool over a fibreglass pool. The construction of the pool is done in the ground making it a much more flexible option for very small and very large property sizes. Concrete pools are able to be built to the style of your house and can almost be considered a work of art; there is a wide variety of finishes and features that can be designed into your pool, for example vanishing edges, water features/fountains, spas, built in steps and seats.

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How long will it take to get my new pool?

The process of building a concrete pool is lengthy and there are a few steps required. The pre-construction phase (including designing the layout, drawing the plans and council approval) takes 4-6 weeks. The construction process of a Five Star Pool is usually 6 weeks. Apart from the initial consultation and design input, we take care of the whole process, making the whole event very easy for you.

See The Process page for more information on the timeline behind a concrete pool.

How much does a Five Star pool cost?

It’s very hard to give an average price for our pools. There are many factors to consider in the price of your pool, such as earthworks, size and specification of the pool, and finishes. Each pool is custom designed and built to suit your property.

What are the benefits of a salt water pool?

While chlorine pools are still most commonly installed, salt water systems are becoming increasingly popular compared to a few years ago. Salt water pools require less ongoing maintenance than chlorinated pools. Because of this there is less chemicals, less cost and less of your time involved in the ongoing upkeep of a salt water swimming pool. New salt water systems are extremely efficient, as they monitor and clean themselves. Salt water is also much softer on the skin, eyes and hair than chlorine.

What are the benefits of a chlorine pool?

Chlorine pools are more common than salt water pools. One of the major reasons is a chlorine system will maintain bacteria and pH levels a lot more effectively than salt water systems. While there is more maintenance than is involved in a salt water pool, they keep the pool water clean and bacteria free.

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Should I choose salt water or chlorinated water?

There is no advantage to choosing salt water or chlorinated water for you concrete swimming pool. While both systems have their disadvantages, neither of them will adversely affect your pool. You should consider which option is best for your lifestyle circumstances.

Do I need council approval to build a pool?

Yes. Five Star Pools and Spas take care of all council approval and building permits for your pool on your behalf.

See The Process page for more information on the timeline behind a concrete pool.

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Do you offer a warranty with my new pool?

Yes, our quality workmanship is guaranteed and all of our pool features the following warranties:

  • Lifetime structure guarantee
  • 2 year equipment warranty
  • 90 day plaster warranty